Macro overview

This macro is used to calculate the positions of the holes arranged along a circumference.

Instead of calculating the position of each hole and programming it through g-Code, it is sufficient by modifying some parameters of the macro recall string to be able to perform holes on the rim without the least effort.

Description of the parameters

Here is an example of the line of code to call the macro.
Example: G65P8001X0Y0Z-25R2F250I50A0B60H6

  • P =┬áprogram number where the macro resides in memory
  • X = position X of the center of the drilling circle
  • Y =position Y of the center of the drilling circle
  • Z = drilling depth
  • R = Approaching start of processing
  • F = feedrate
  • I = radius of the drilling circle
  • A =first hole angle
  • B = angular pitch between the holes
  • H = number of holes to be drilled