Macro overview

The macro for the adaptive roughing of a hole allows to carry out the machining of a circular pocket by adopting the principle of troicodal milling therefore to use all the length of the cutting edge of a cutter with a reduced and constant radial engagement. The advantages of this machining strategy are low cutting forces and low heat generated which translates into a far longer tool life compared to traditional roughing.
Typically to apply this machining strategy it is necessary to be in possession of a CAD / CAM workstation, with our macro instead it is sufficient to write a single line of code on the machine to obtain the same results!

Description of the parameters

Here is an example of the line of code to call the macro.
Example: G65P8000A12B100C0.5D1R1X50Y50Z-30F1500

  • P = ┬áprogram number where the macro resides in memory
  • A = end mill diameter
  • B = ┬ápocket hole diameter
  • C = end mill radial engagement
  • D =zero without pre-hole or specific pre-hole diameter
  • R =approach distance
  • X =hole center position
  • Y = hole center position
  • Z = pocket depth
  • F = feedrate